Human resources

Personnel strategy

Competent, productive and enthusiastic employees form the basis of the Aurubis Group’s commercial success and further development. Our personnel strategy is embedded in our business strategy and based on our corporate values. It is continuously developed together with the operating entities. In the process, internal changes as well as changes and trends on the labor markets and in society are taken into account.

In fiscal year 2016/17, the main focus of our personnel work was the active participation in and support of the ONE Aurubis transformation program, with which the corporate vision for 2025 is to be implemented. Acting as a team, continuous improvement, awareness of competitive requirements as well as performance factors and influences – for us, these are all essential prerequisites for making the vision a reality. In the course of this, we want to design our work processes and responsibilities more effectively and achieve an understanding of roles, so that every individual employee works with entrepreneurial spirit in their respective work area without losing sight of team orientation and unified Group policies.

For the further development of our management’s competencies, we began a series of workshops at the end of 2016 for the group-wide promotion, development and harmonization of leadership, which goes beyond mere management, and to sustainably instill the resulting leadership culture in the Group. Measures for establishing a culture of constructive feedback were also implemented.

Cross-site and cross-functional projects and initiatives served to improve communication among our specialists and managers during the fiscal year. In this way, cooperation in the Group was further promoted, synergies were created and a culture of learning from one another for the purpose of continuous improvement was established.

Personnel structure

A total of 6,494 employees worked in the Aurubis Group worldwide as at September 30, 2017. Of this number, 56 % were employed at German sites and 44 % worked in other countries.

Aurubis Group personnel are mainly dispersed among the following countries: Germany (3,638), Bulgaria (855), USA (675), Belgium (580), the Netherlands (298), Finland (245) and Italy (126).

Aurubis Group employees

Aurubis Group personnel structure

Diversity and promotion of female employees

In order to achieve sustainable economic success, we strive to promote greater diversity withing our company, in terms of cultures, internationality, professional skills, age groups and genders.

Equal opportunities for men and women are not just stipulated by Aurubis’ Code of Conduct. The “Gender Equality Charter,” which was signed within the scope of the social partnership with the employee representatives, is still valid for us.

With the law for equal participation of men and women in management positions in the private sector and in public service, a target of 20 % female managers in each of the first two management levels respectively was defined. We have largely achieved this at the first management level, with 19.4 %. At the second management level, we exceeded the target: 20.4% of our managers there are female.

The proportion of female applicants for technically-oriented jobs is currently low. Aurubis is therefore pursuing the goal of raising interest for technical occupations among women, and recruiting them for these roles. It does this through a range of measures, such as partnerships with schools and participation in initiatives such as “mint:pink”.

In total, the proportion of female employees in the Group is 12.4 %, and has increased slightly in comparison with the prior-year level of 12.1 %.

Employee compensation and profit-sharing

Aurubis has a uniform compensation system for its management. This compensation system is based on an analytical job evaluation, on clearly established income brackets and on a target bonus model with defined levels of performance measurement and weighting. These factors allow managers to assess what performance is required of the Group, of specific functions and individual levels and such performance is to be evaluated.

Performance and success-oriented compensation is a fundamental element of the remuneration system at Aurubis AG. Motivated, high-performance employees make a decisive contribution to the Company’s achievements and value. The performance of the individual is always assessed in connection with the performance of the team, the department or the production sector. The individual performance and collective team performance serve as parameters in this case. Both are considered in the performance-oriented compensation accordingly.

In order to promote identification with the company, we also gave employees at the German sites the opportunity to acquire a limited number of Aurubis AG shares at favorable conditions in 2017. 913 employees took advantage of this offer.

Personnel recruitment

We are confronting demographic change with an expansion of our personnel recruitment activity. Cooperation with partner universities has been expanded. We have sought out new universities on the basis of the study programs offered, which satisfy the changing requirements of new occupational fields. In Hamburg, we provide about 50 student internships annually; in Stolberg, we provide about 35. The enhanced offerings for young potential employees are rounded off with scholarships and supervised thesis papers.

In order to selectively target school leavers and future trainees, multiple visits to career fairs in the vicinity of Hamburg, Stolberg and Lünen took place. Aurubis also held its own events at the respective locations. This included presentations given by the Lünen and Stolberg plants during the “Night of Apprentices.”

Education and training

Significant investment decisions for forward-looking training at Aurubis were represented by the new construction projects for training centers in Hamburg and Lünen that began during the fiscal year. The training workshop in Lünen, whose new buildings will also later house the Occupational Safety and Technology divisions, will be ready for occupancy in 2018. In Hamburg we expect to be able to inaugurate the new Innovation and Training Center in 2019, in which Research and Development will also be located. Conducting training with new teaching and learning methods, in addition to increased training capacity, are planned in both cases. Here, we want to use in-house training measures to offset the increased need for specialists due to demographic change.

As at September 30, 2017, Aurubis employed 213 trainees and interns in the Group. This is equivalent to 7.2 %. In the new training year, which started on September 1, 2017, a total of 75 young people began their apprenticeships at Aurubis AG in 14 different vocational professions.

The integration and training of registered refugees is important to us. Along with the ten teenagers in the internship model AV 10-Plus, they are being introduced to preparation for training in diverse vocational sectors. For the 12 participants from the final training year in Hamburg, this meant three work days per week in the training workshop and two school days. Eight of the participants were accepted as apprentices; the others entered into external apprenticeships.

To reinforce cooperation within the Group, there was an apprentice exchange across the sites during the fiscal year. This made it possible for the trainees to gain intercultural experience and to apply foreign language skills in a real-life work situation abroad.

Staff and organizational development

In order to advance our vision and strategy, we rely on a learning organization. The development of our employees is a top priority. We have developed and adjusted the training offerings in our leadership and qualification program to the Group’s needs accordingly. In particular, options for managers at the foreman level retained a high profile. Once again, employees took part in a number of technical/specialist training measures.

In a learning organization, there is a need for new insights in learning and training. Learning is geared toward the needs of companies and employees, and is increasingly becoming the responsibility of the learner. In addition to qualification and development programs for the development of necessary competencies, e.g. in the areas of the Aurubis Operating System (AOS) and in project management, we are increasingly relying on the offers from platforms for networking and exchanging best practices (e.g. expert panels and online learning groups). We take flexible competency enhancement into account with short formats such as “Learn & Go” on the intranet and video learning.

Thanks from the Executive Board

Fiscal year 2016/17 demanded much of our employees. We initiated and occupied ourselves with numerous measures and projects, which will also position Aurubis on a sound economic base in the coming years. This has already led to changes. Others will follow. Our employees have contributed to the processes of development and change in fiscal year 2016/17 with a great deal of dedication. Their strong commitment has shown that they want to contribute actively to the future organization of Aurubis. We would like to express our very special thanks for this and for their high motivation. Naturally, these thanks also include the close and constructive collaboration with the Aurubis Group employee representatives.