Our Vision

2017 marked the beginning of a new chapter in our company’s history: the launch of our Vision 2025. This framework outlines our aspirations for the future, condenses our diverse objectives into concrete statements, and clarifies our new direction. At its core are three central messages: Passion for metallurgy. Metals for progress. Together with you.

METALS FOR PROGRESS We produce metals for the future. Our focus is therefore set squarely on future applications and trends. We’ll be expanding our extraction activities beyond copper, and process these metals into products. This in turn will help us grow our existing sales markets and tap into new ones.

PASSION FOR METALLURGY We are driven by our passion for metallurgy, a passion that regularly sees us push the boundaries of what is technically feasible. Over the coming years, we will be making good use of this innovative strength and introducing our process and metallurgy expertise to new sectors.

TOGETHER WITH YOU We aim to be the partner of choice, not only for our customers, our suppliers and our employees, but also for the wide variety of civic interest groups with which we work.